• Are you looking forward to a trip, but wish you had someone who’s been there to help you plan it?
  • Have you been too busy to properly research your upcoming trip and feel anxious that you’ll miss out on something awesome, or make bad choices?
  • When you travel, do you want to see the REAL destination, as the locals do, instead of the silly tourist traps?
  • Do you wish you had a travel matchmaker?

Then, consider me your travel guide….

 Wanna go here?  Contact me to find out how!

Wanna go here?  Contact me to find out how!

If you are going to travel somewhere in the world, I’m the one that will tell you exactly what to do and, chances are, you’ll love it.  After listening to your travel tastes and style, I will act as your virtual, walking, talking tour guide so that you don’t need to spend your vacation with your nose buried in a guide book, or stressed over all the details.   As an explorer at heart, who has lived abroad and traveled the world, I have a crazy good gift for piecing together phenomenal itineraries that will get you seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling the heart of your destination -- all while tapping into your personal interests and preferences.  If you are a movie buff, I’ll help you find the places your favorite films made you dream about.  If you are a foodie, I’ll direct you to the hidden gems and local delicacies.  A history lover?  I’ll make sure that you walk in the footsteps of bygone kings and queens. 

A little bit about me?  I am a French major & International MBA grad that loves Europe, history, food and wine.  I’m a bit of a movie dork, and love classic literature too.  I don’t love mass market, large ship cruising, all-inclusive resorts, or cookie cutter, generic travel packages.  If you are going to travel halfway around the world, I don’t want you sitting in some line, or on some bus filled with tourists.  I will not only get you there with ease, I will expose you to the most incredible experiences and highlights of your chosen destination leaving you with memories you will cherish forever.  Contact me for your free consultation today!


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