Great Ocean Road- Photos

As stated in the last post, there are just too many awesome pics from my trip on the Great Ocean Road, so they get their own post! In order, you'll see:
Bells Beach
Road sign with worker tribute statue
Lighthouse view
Koalas! These are the nearly-mating ones.
Sleeping cutie!
Eating one!
More koalas...
Rainforest trees!
Me in the hollow, then the actual tree belonging to said hollow.
Preparing for heli trip
Then there are a series of views- first looking north, then starting at the south end with London bridge & working up past the Loch Ard cove (with the seahorse island) to the awesome shot of the 12 apostles. (If I do say so myself!). I promise I tried to limit these!
Funny sheep!
Two from the cove where the Loch Ard ship sank
Two of London Bridge