Officially homeless & ready to go!

So- the last few days have been busy, to say the least! After arriving back in SF, I immediately went out to celebrate an engagement & catch up with a bunch of people I wouldn't see a gain before leaving. Only later that night did I begin the final process of preparing my apartment for my subletter- she was due at 11am the following morning. Gulp. Well, she came, the apt was not spotless, but I got out and she was super cool, so all is well there. Step one- homelessness: complete!
So, I had the next few days to relax & get everything together, right? Nope. My bestie flew into town to meet our mutual friend's baby, so instead I combined last-minute errands with sightseeing & cooing over an adorable baby. I finally got over to Half Moon Bay, and also climbed up the Lyon St stairs (both firsts for me!). All-in-all, not a bad way to spend a few days! But, here we are, the night before I fly untold-hours to Hong Kong, and I'm ready, I think at least!

Packing: I have 3 compression cubes for tops, bottoms (including pj's & 2 bathing suits), and underwear. One toiletry sac with all sorts of medicines, lotions, spf, deet, ect. About my only splurge is on hair product, but i have to keep the curls under control!! I did bring jeans, after much peer pressure, but I do think I will like having them, I hope. My female companion is bringing all kinds of dresses & cute clothes, so I will either be laughing at her impractical garb, or enjoying my slightly-more-casual gear. (Mostly t's & tanks with skirts or shots/capris.) We shall see. My daypack will hold my camera (a fancy Nikon that i looove), my ipad, and potentially a journal or guidebook, depending on the day. I feel like I just keep thinking of different eventualities, and it's driving me crazy. I've mostly just been wanting to go ahead and get on this plane already!! Tomorrow isn't coming soon enough!

I included a shot of all my stuff packed & unpacked, just to give you an idea.

More once I'm across the pacific!!!