And so it begins!

Here we go.  My first attempt at blogging, and my first time truly being an unemployed nomad.  I've always had a desire to go my own way, to follow my own "road less traveled" as Robert Frost so eloquently described, and here's my chance to document it for friends and family back home. 

So, why am I dropping mostly everything and heading off to explore different corners of the world?  Well, if anyone reading this knew my dearly departed father well, and ever sought advice from him, then you know about his theory of interlacing fingers - i.e., if a path you're thinking about taking doesn't fit, the pieces don't all fall in place easily, if your fingers don't interlace smoothly, then maybe that's not the right choice to make.  On the other hand, if those fingers slot together to create a strong unit, then you're probably going in the right direction.  I use this constantly, and my decision to move to California was simple when applying this advice.  I had numerous great friends in the area already, found a great apartment on the first day, and found the "perfect" job days after arriving.  Fast forward nearly four years, and several friends have now departed (or are on their way out), the "perfect job" turned out to be, well, less than perfect, and a very dear friend (who shall remain nameless) gave me a good talking too.  She helped me realize that I was just waiting to do this, and there was no more perfect moment to take off and realize my long-held dream of just travelling. 

To ease the fears of my mom, I've only committed to a three-month jaunt to start, but plans for additional adventures are coming together in my head, so we'll see how the year goes.  I'm also keeping my apartment, so I at least have a home base, and a subletter will take care of my rent for me.  Another great friend is taking my car for the time-being, which is mutually beneficial, so as of Jan 4th I'll be leaving life as I've known it, and will be living out of my 55L backpack.  Me, my old high school buddy, and his wife will be leaving January 10th for Hong Kong, checking into an apartment with harbor views for a couple of nights, and then continuing on to Bangkok.  After that - who knows!?!  We're planning currently to head north into Laos and Vietnam, then head down the coast and eventually explore Cambodia, and then on to some Thai beaches, and make our way down to Australia.  Eventually, they'll have to come back to the US, leaving me solo to continue exploring Australia and New Zealand.  I'm hoping to check-off some goals, like getting scuba certified and working in a winery, but of course the main goal is to soak in the cultures & see some great stuff. 

Before the 10th, I still have tons to do, but am mostly packed and ready.  Subsequent posts will likely not be as long, as I'll be working off my iPad and hopefully doing more-fun things than blogging, but I'll definitely try to keep up so everyone knows where I am and what I've been up to!